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Sock fetish

Sock fetish is quite a common fetish. The origin of a sock fetish is a subject of much debate but i don’t really care. I just love seeing a women in socks! I have a preference for worn and dirty white socks, but i can enjoy clean socks as well. My personal preference is reflected in my images.

Eileen gives me a hard sockjob

Eileen dominates my dick and gives me a hard and nasty sockjob. She rubs me hard with her smelly black socks until i cum all over her socked feet. This movie is just a short preview. The full movie can be found in the members area. We have a nice collection of movies with a lot of different girls.

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Cherry sneaker and sock masturbation

Cherry masturbates me with her sneakers and socks until I cum all over her socked feet. She is just a regular student girl who didn’t mind giving me a hard sockjob for some money.

She was really grinding hard on my dick with her soft socked feet. She seemd to enjoy herself as well. I think she enjoyed being dominant and humiliating me with her smelly socks!

Jessy sockjob domination

Be carefull. Jessy will hurt you with her feet. Jessy is a very strong and dominant women. She nearly wrecked my balls with a forcefull sockjob! I couldn’t walk normal for days! She rubbed my dick hard with her soft white socks. She really grinds my balls with her socked peds.

Her feet are very strong and she really lets me feel her foot power. She also makes me sniff her boots, socks and bare feet. In the end she makes me cum really hard! Full movie for download in the membersarea. This is just a low resolution preview.

Cum on Jessy’s white socked foot

Jessy allows me to cum all over her white socked foot. I grab her foot and rub my dick hard against the soft white fabric of her smelly socks. I also rub my dick all over her sweet wiggly socked toes. It does not take long for me to cum all over her socks! She then makes me lick my own sperm off her socked foot!! I made the mess, so i should clean it up.

This is just a short and low resolution preview. The full movie can be downloaded to your harddrive from the membersarea.

Girl sniffing socks in train

Ariel is a 20 years old student and she has a bit of a sock fetish. She loves to sniff her friends smelly white socks! She was waiting for the train to leave the station. As soon as the train started moving, she grabbed her friends foot and took off her sneakers. She began sniffing her friends smelly white socks and seemed to enjoy it!

Girl sniffing socks

Dirty white socks

Dirty white socks

Sock worship goddess

White sock smelling

Goddess smelling her friends white socks.

White sock smelling
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