Her soft cotton socks where rubbing her balls. The sensations were strong. Soon she will have her relief…

Cotton socks fetish

The automaton heard her sighs and seemed vaguely interested. He approached her and seemed unsure what to do…

The automaton seemed interested

The automaton grabbed her ass and started squeezing it. He felt her need for relief and it was the logical thing to do. I was pleased with it’s progress! Only a few weeks ago he would have killed her without thought.

With a little help

The cold iron hands of the automaton on her ass and the soft cotton socks stroking her balls made her wild with lust. She felt the desire rush though her like a drug. Her body was aching for relief. The automaton sensed it and squeesed her ass harder and faster…

Her lust increased

How much pleasure can i take? Her soft white socks teasing me like that!

Pleasure is given

My name is mira. I love to give foot pleasure. I’m sure we will see a lot of each other the coming days.

I love to give foot pleasures

I’m a lovely girl, mostly. Just don’t get on my bad side…

I can be sweet but...

You REALLY do not want to get on my bad side.

Raving lunatic psycho

I can give pain just as easy as foot pleasure. It makes no difference to me.

Pain can be given

Regards from Mira