Sock fetish

Welcome to Footwearclub! If you are looking for sock fetish and shoe fetish pictures you came to the right place! Over 10000 exclusive pictures featuring 150 different girls in our members area! Or enjoy our free picture preview blog.

Sneaker fetish

Sneakers and socks are a great combination. We have lots of sneaker fetish pictures in the membersarea. Watch beautifull girls sniffing each others smelly sneakers! We prefer old and worn down sneakers.

Shoe fetish

Old shoes, worn shoes, smelly shoes. Be prepared to watch stunning girls sniff their smelly shoes. If you are lucky they may even lick their shoes! We also offer lots of boot fetish pictures for your viewing delight.

Amateur sockjobs

I shoot most of the pictures myself. Of course watching these sexy girls in smelly socks and sneakers makes me quite exited. Some of the girls don’t mind helping a guy out with a kinky sockjob. I just love to fuck their socks and dirty sneakers!

Sock fetish

Plenty of sock fetish pictures can be found on this site. The full collection is available in the membersarea. I have a preference for smelly white socks, but other colors and clean socks can be found as well on this site.

Amateur fetish photography

I have been photographing local girls for over 20 years. I love it when the girls wear their own footwear and nothing is staged. Most girls don’t really mind smelling their own sneakers and smelly socks. I’m just there taking the pictures. And when a girl wants to give me a sexy footjob, i allways have my video camera ready.

All girls are 18 or older. Most are in their mid twenties. I do pay them for their time but they really are amateur local girls with their everyday footwear. You can check out these pages for free. The blog is also free. We have a big members only area where you will find the full collection of all the pictures. You can buy a membership at the join page and pay with creditcard for a subscription. Enjoy your stay!


Sneaker fetish pictures

“Could you take off your sneakers?”. Most girls don’t have a problem with that. “Now could you put your nose in those worn out sneakers and give them a good sniff?”. Most girls i meet don’t have a problem with that either! Luckily i allways have my trusted camera ready to capture the moment…

Nothing beats seeing a pretty girl sniff or lick her own smelly sneakers. Except maybe two pretty girls smelling each others worn out sneakers. Most girls wear their sneakers for years. Money is tight and sneakers are… just sneakers. These sneakers are trashed and abused. The dancing, the partying or walking for miles serving tables. Just like a fine wine these sneakers get better with age…

Sock fetish pictures

Student girls are pretty busy nowadays. Studying, partying, working, it’s a busy live! And sometimes its easy to forget to put on clean socks. In Holland we also have a lot of punky girls who seem to love wearing old sneakers and smelly worn socks. The more run down the socks, the better. I love taking pictures of these girls wearing their everyday footwear. Sometimes, when i’m lucky, they let me smell their socks!

The smell is quite intoxicating, let me tell you. Those socks have been worn for days in old smelly sneakers. Especially on hot summer days, after partying at the festivals, these socks are real smell bombs! I love it when the socks wear thin at the toes or heels. Sometimes you can get a glimpse of the foot peeping through the thin fabric. And when her feet are nice and curvy (ballet feet?) it’s a real turn on!


Nylon fetish pictures

Sexy girls, with long legs in high quality nylons. Yes, count me in please! These classy ladies in nylons and high heels have something special. And when the high heels come off, we see a beautifully curved foot in shiny nylons. Maybe even smelly nylons? These girls also love sniffing each others nyloned feet. The pumps get sniffed as well of course.

Some of these girls are quite dominant. They love having their nyloned feet worshipped. She loves being in control and she likes to watch her submissive girfriend sniff her smelly heels. She knows her heels are smelly because they are very well worn. Her submissive girfriend does not complain and silently enjoys the strong scent….

Nylon fetish pictures

Shoe fetish pictures

Of course “shoe” is a pretty generic term. Our members area features lots of girls with their everyday shoes. These can be flats, pumps, sneakers, boots and high heels for example. Basically i take pictures of whatever the girl happens to be wearing. If she is into it i love to see the girl sniff her shoes or even lick them. And sometimes, once in a while, you meet a girl that likes to eat her shoe :)

The girl in the picture on the right was simply a gorgeous beauty. She was also very very kinky. She loved to lick and sniff her own smelly shoes. These happend to be some sexy pumps she had been wearing that day. Before i knew what was happening she had the freaking shoe in her mouth. 10 minutes after taking this picture i was fucking her brains out. The video can be found in the members area.

Shoe fetish pictures

Boot fetish pictures

Oh those leather boots! They are made for walking. Also made for sniffing if you ask me. Nothing beats the smell of leather and some hot girls feet. Leather boots allways seem a bit kinky to me. Most of the girls wearing them have no problem at all sniffing their own smelly boots. Look at her eyes looking at me while she inhales her own foot scent!

Leather boots really do look better with age. Nice run down boots look great on a hot girl! And socks or nylons are getting nice and smelly in the warm leather. Socks smell great after a good hike in real leather boots! We feature a lot of boot fetish pictures in the member area. We have two girls taking off each others boots, sniffing them and even licking them! Also check out the free boot pictures in our Blog. Those pictures give a good taste of what the membership area has to offer.

Boot fetish pictures
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